Chilimas take on MCP and UTM Alliance

The masses were left in dark now they have seen light. The agreement fueled to the victory of the Tonse Alliance government. Not MCP. Remember legal document were crafted before and after the agreement. We shouldn’t go by anger. But let the reality prevail. Selfishness and pride won’t take us far.
The way I understand his speech, he has exonerated himself.

He has dwelt much on national issues; showing that he is not thinking about himself and the UTM only, sense of political maturity.

He has avoided concentrating on the corruption issues; so that his lawyers will be free to tackle the case as it comes without spoiling it with his statements.

He has silently criticized MCP on endorsements; thereby indicating that they lack morals by breaking the agreement. He may therefore gain public sympathy. Bingu ever enjoyed sympathy vote just like APM.

He has reminded the nation about Presidential immunity against prosecution so that his boss can be taken to task.

He has mentioned the Civil Service review as his other accomplished task so that people can demand the report. I hear that the report is good for civil servants if implemented, he can be popular among civil servants.

He has said the ACB should be independent. He wants to show that he is innocent, therefore, not fearing the ACB.

Now the puzzle is revealed: he is in support of ACB independence, the H.E. should also be subjected to prosecution, his prosecution is because the agreement is clear that he will lead the alliance against the wish of MCP.


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